How to make soundfonts work

• Oct 3, 2009 - 07:44

I still can't make new soundfonts work in musescore.
I have downloaded 3 new ones, followed all the instructions, restarted musescore but my score is silent. When I play the demo score, the new sounds play perfectly (ie not the default piano sound).
Why does the new soundfont play ok in the demo score but not mine??? Does anyone know where I could find a good soundfont that has a choral/choir type sound??


Out of curiosity (and helping future users with this problem) did you create your score in MuseScore from scratch or did you import the file via MusicXML? Also what SoundFont were you using? Was it one of the recommended SoundFonts mentioned in the handbook?

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Hi David
Yes I created the score from scratch - using a 4 part choral template. The default soundfont was a piano one and I wanted to get a sound more like a choral effect. I have tried 3 different soundfonts but didn't know about the need to set the instrument in the mixer window. The soundfont names are choir-soft-sf2; voice_of_heaven; and hs_vox.
I downloaded them off the net for free.

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It looks like you did not choose a General MIDI SoundFont (which includes 128 standard instrument and vocal sounds). I added a note about using the recommend SoundFonts to the troubleshooting section of the Handbook.

If you want to continue using the SoundFonts you listed above that is fine for your own purposes but when you share your score with anyone else they will not hear the correct sounds. This is the purpose of General MIDI.

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I have downloaded several soundfonts off the Internet including all of the ones on this site, and even following the instructions word for word, I have had trouble getting almost all of them to play until I restarted my computer, and this bug also spans all of the ones I downloaded from this site and all of the ones with all of the voices. I have even tried restarting the program.

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