Breaths/Pauses Missing in Parts Within Multi-Measure Rests

• Dec 30, 2019 - 04:50
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The title basically says it all (not a major issue).
Steps (likely more ways to recreate the issue, though):
1. Create a score with multiple instruments (and obviously, multiple measures)
2. Add breaths/pauses anywhere in the middle of the score with no notes on the measure with the mark (this is to allow for multi-measure rests in the parts). Can do this to all parts at the same location.
3. To see what should happen, put a note or any other element on the same measure as a breath/pause to (this is to break the multi-measure rest, which allows the breath/pause to appear in the parts)
4. Generate the Parts. (File -> Parts -> Generate)
5. View parts and compare them to the score, noticing that breaths/pauses do not appear within multi-measure rests.
To my knowledge, a breath (and especially a pause), even within a multi-measure rest), is important information that is needed in the parts because it indicates a temporary stop in the music (unaware musicians would assume the music just continues). This is more of a problem if a musical entrance follows the pause.
A file has been attached (hopefully with parts) that demonstrates the issue.

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multimeasure_rest_+_pause.mscz 14.79 KB


Still the same I think. They simply don't show, because they don't break MM rests, resdp. because they don't work at all on (otherwise) empty measures

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Not sure what you mean by "they don't work at all on (otherwise) empty measures". They show up if multimeasure rests are not enabled, but if multimeasure rests are enabled they don't show even if you break a multimeasure rest via measure properties using the "break multimeasure rest" tick box.

Start with an empty score, select a whole measure rest somewhere in the middle. Double click on a caesura - you can see it above and to the right of the whole measure rest (that is what I understand to be "working"). Select the measure. Right click and tick the break multimeasure rest box. Press M. There is a break in the multimeasure rest at the appropriate point but now the caesura has disappeared.

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There's a workaround: set "Break Muiltimeasure rest" for the measure with the caesura/breath and the next measure.
Another workaround is to have more than one rest in the measure.

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Thank you for the workaround, although it took me a while to differentiate between staff and measure properties (when you select a rest, there's a category in the selection labeled "measure" with "measure properties" right underneath it; but when you select the entire measure (blue box), "measure properties" appears at the very bottom of the selection). However, it seems like the parts do not automatically update with this measure break (I did it to both measures as directed). I had to delete the parts and regenerate them, which then displays the intended measure break.

I attached an updated version of the sample file with the measure breaks but the parts were not regenerated, so the breaks don't show on empty measures (see the viola part)

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