How to recovery image of score imported form vision 2?

• Dec 30, 2019 - 11:21

As titled with Christmas song written with verion 2, when imported to version 3, the image is not showing, and it's file size is 247kb, still containing the image. How do I get it recovered? or how do I get the image showing and removed from score to reduce file size?

Ave Maria (Gounod, Charles - J. S. Bach) v2.mscz

Ave Maria (Gounod, Charles - J. S. Bach) v3.mscz


If you attach the picture to the frame it is shown.

I opened your mscz-File (change mscz to zip, open the zip-file and look under "pictures"),
saved the picture on the computer, and deleted the jpg in "pictures".

Then I renamed the zip-File to mscz und opened it in MuseScore.
Right-click on the frame > Add > Picture … et voilá.
Adjust the position of the picture.

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