image attached to a measure doesn't show

• Jul 25, 2019 - 11:38
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As titled, dose not show image:
as seen with MS2:
by design oneday?

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Confirmed. I guess there's an issue with autoplace here, that entire 1st system is looking wierd in 3.2.3 (and different from your screenshot) if not taking that reset positions option.
Anyway, you'd better add that image to the title frame rather than attaching to the 1st measure and then move it into the title frame. This is a bit more that just a workaround...

And (again) "needs info" is not for users to set, but for developers when clarification from the user is needed

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It would have better be placed in the title frame in MuseScore 2 already, to make it more immune to layout changes.
Attaching anything anywhere and then using large offsets (or dragging far appart) is calling for trouble and has been ever since.

But still, the image not showing at all is indeed a bug.

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as web page designer, he should know it's most likely to be as the user to initiate a report, and a developer as well possible. Bearing that in mind, he did an entry design on the page which allows anyone to fillin anything, in other word user can be here to set whatever he can when initiate a report simply because the validation is allowing it.

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Everytime when I start a reporting I'm always thinking it could be a bug or could be something not a bug, it's started here for MS team to read, they will "NEED" more infos to diecide if it's a bgu or someting else and then they dicide if it should be "Active" and also any other inicial user settings for furthuer workon need to be changed, just like you did in the rectantgle. if I did "Active" in the begining, it would be very rude for me to solely deicide it's situation. If it's not the way like, get the wage page people reiew it.

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Fix version 3.5.0  

Hmm, that fix attached images always to the top measure, not the one selected, that is different from how it worked on earlier versions.

Status active closed
Fix version 3.5.0

Actually even it if looks as being attached to the top staff, it does copy to the correct staff when generating parts.

It does not propagate between score and existing staves though, but that'd be a separate bug (see #307741: images attached to measures don't propagate between score and existing parts)
It also is not possible to have a 'system' image, one that copies(or propagates) to all parts, that again would be an enhancement, so yet another separate issue (see #307743: Add support for 'system' images)

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