Adding an image via drag and drop doesn't save the image inside the score?

• Oct 31, 2019 - 18:58

OpenSuse Leap, MS 3.2.3 AppImage

Steps to reproduce:

  • open or create a score
  • add an image from file manager via drag and drop onto a measure or element
  • save the file, close it and open it again

result: the image is missing
It works with MS 2.3.2. Do I miss something with MS 3.x?


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After further testing, I find that I can only reproduce the problem when I add the image directly to a measure. I think that most element types do not even accept the drop. If I add the image to a note or to a rest, then the image will appear when I reload the score.

Thanks @mattmcclinch and @Shoichi, very appreciated ;-) I think, it will work for me for the moment (here the repeat sign) and (and I've really a little bit time pressure at time ;), it should help me to finish a project of a transcription hopefully this weekend or early next week.
Maybe sometimes later it's time to write a bug report (or maybe for someone other), if it doesn't already exist.


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