Installing the software is impossible

• Jan 5, 2020 - 21:29

Hey guys, first post on here. I've been struggling with this issue for several months, years probably, so I decided to ask for help.

It's actually quite simple: the Setup Wizard on my Windows 8.1 build just refuses to install Musescore. It always happened, with every version. The process either does not start, or stops at a random point.
Every time a new version of the software comes out, I have to try to install it for days, and most times I only manage to do this after leaving my pc running for 6 hours or so.

Although my machine is pretty old, it never presented any problems whatsoever software-wise. For example, as I'm writing, I just updated Reaper to 6.02 with no problem at all.

What info do you need in order to find out why my os hates Musescore so much? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if I hit "cancel", the installer simply stops reacting (without any window telling me so) and the only way to shut the process down becomes doing so through the Task manager.

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Hey guys, thanks for your help, but I'm still having the same problem. To answer your suggestions:
-I checked multiple times in different ways and yes, the system is 64 bit based.
-Every now and then, I do happen to successfully install the software, but it takes days of tries. Again, this happens just as much now as it did several versions ago and everything in between.
-I do meet minimum requirements, the hard disk space one by a landslide too (300 gb of space should be enough lol). Plus, the software works wonders when installed, so that's definitely not something my computer cannot handle.
-As suggested in the link posted by bobjp, I made sure via Command Prompt that MSI is up and running, and it is. No error message, MSI 5.0 is theoretically working just as intended.

I must say that this is very, very weird. At this point, I might try to see if the 32bit one works, for some reason, although I checked in multiple different ways and there is no doubt that my architecture is 64bit.

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Riccardo, there are any number of different reasons that Muse score isn't installing. Probably all of them having to do with something on your computer. Normally the next thing to try would be to install as administrator. Normally you would right click on the installer and select Run as Administrator. But that option isn't available for MSI. There is a registry hack that allows that it but you may be reluctant to try. I've done registry hacks without problem. But they aren't for everyone. There are also disc routines that check the condition of operating system files run from CMD.

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Riccardo, you say:

"Setup Wizard on my Windows 8.1 build just refuses to install Musescore. It always happened, with every version."

but also:

"Every now and then, I do happen to successfully install the software, but it takes days of tries."

So have you actually had any release of MS 3 working?

You could try upgrading to Windows 10…

Also, running a disk check, as suggested in an earlier post, would be well worth doing before trying anything else.…

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Also, I just downloaded from Tucows, a free program called MSI2EXE. It converted the MuseScore msi file to anexe file that I used (right click, run as admin) to install MuesScore on a W10 (don't have W8) computer that neverhad MuseScore. It waited on the Installing MuseScore screenfor several minutes but then finished just fine.
A word or two about W10. You have no doubt heard all manner of horror stories about W10. How it has nothing but problems and is basically of the devil. Take these stories with a grain of salt and then throw them out.

Guys, I have yet again nothing but bad news for you.
-Converting the .msi to .exe and executing it as administrator caused no change whatsoever
-Running a diskcheck did not find any problems, although I knew it wouldn't fix anything since I also tried to install the software on my other hard disk, and it didn't make any difference
-I left the installer running for approximately 5 hours today, after an hour and a half it seemed to have started, showing that the passage "remove applications" (where "status" used to be) was occuring. Then, nothing more happened.

Upgrading my OS to Windows10 is pretty much the only solution left, I'll eventually do that whenever I have time to move all my files away from the hard disk I'll be installing that on.

Thanks anyways guys, the fault is undoubtedly in my pc, so there's nothing you could actually do to begin with. However, I very much appreciated your help!

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Thanks for the feedback. It certainly is very odd. Windows 10 has had many updates since original release and is very good so, like bobjp said, take the horror stories with a pinch of salt.

You could try a re-install of Win 8 but I would just go to Win 10. It may offer an in-place upgrade so that you don't have to reinstall everything but always a good idea to backup your data first. After that you could try a full reformat and reinstall.

The only thing different with the successful try was that I left the install directory unchanged. It feels like I was asking the installer to install the software somewhere invalid (is there such thing as an invalid directory though?). Still, I'm baffled by the fact that the installer was not telling me what was going on.

Or maybe I was just lucky all of a sudden and this directory thing didn't really have any impact. The only thing I know is that my software version is up to date again now. Thanks a lot guys!

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