Playback of parts messed up in closed SATB scores

• Jan 8, 2020 - 17:32
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S3 - Major

1) Create a closed SATB score

2) Create parts for each one of the four voices

3) the score for each parts display the right notes (not mentioning dynamics, lyrics, expression marks, &c, as irrelevant for this thread). However, the playback executes both parts that share the same staff - generally, the Soprano part will playback the Contralto too, and vice versa. The same with Tenor and Bass.

Suggested workaround at the forum:
1) creating whatever staff text, added to the first note of each staff, editing its properties and attributing to each part a voice in the proper fold: Soprano, voice 1, Contralto voice 2, Tenor voices 1 & 3 (?!); Bass voices 2 & 4 (?!).

2) opening the mixer, expanding each staff showing each part, and using solo and/or mute buttons.

3) However, in practice, once you fix a voice and it seems ok, you proceed fixing other voices and the previous voices are messed up unexpectedly. For example, in the Contralto part you mute Sopranos. After working on Tenor and Bass, you go back to Contralto and both Soprano & Contralto are muted. Or the voices from the second staff (Bass & Tenor) playback the Contralto too, and there is no way to mute Contralto as it is not displayed on the mixer while working these 2nd staff voices. No matter how you work, once you fix a voice, another is messed around - it works exactly as a dog trying to bite its tail.

The software simply is not able to fully recognize different voices or parts as such, and the parts are messed up in playback.

Workaround inefficient for the sake of userfriendliness: fixing the file and sharing it in a way that anyone, with limited music reading and computer usage skills might simply open their voice, click the play button and hear their voice while following the notes and lyrics on the score.

The workaround only allows creating an mp3 file for each voice, loosing the advantages of MuseScore interface & userfriendliness, thus defeating the purpose of the feature, that is, helping each singer to train their own voice before rehearsals.


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Thank you, I already did that, but that doesn't fix the file so that people with whom I share the file may just click and hear the playback of their voice.

So far, the workaround works just for geeks, not for average people who can't work with a mixer. That defeats the purpose of easy shareability.

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As I described in the OP, I can fix one or two voices, but once I have fixed all (from Soprano to Bass) the other voices get messed up in strange ways. Specially Tenor & Bass tend to get the playback of Contralto, too, and no button is displayed to mute Contralto.

To sum up: I can fix one voice at a time, but there is no way to fix all four voices at once and keep them not messed up.