SoundFont not working

• Jan 11, 2020 - 15:31

Hi, I'm just finished with a piece of music and it sounds great with the new sound fonts/improved instruments in MuseScore. But when I try to upload and publish the piece to the website, it displays the original sounds and not the new and improved one.

First, I just copied the .sf2 file to the Program Files > MuseScore 3 > sound folder, and it worked in playback. Then I read that I have to also install the file, so I did. A new file appeared in the Documents > MuseScore 3 > SoundFonts folder, as it should. I also tried to, in Synthesizer, make the new file top of the list and select "Set as default." I even restarted Windows, but every time I tried to upload again, the old sounds were displayed.

What should I do?


Which new / improved sounds do you mean? There haven't been any really significant changes in several years. I mean, plenty of tweaks here there, but nothing that should be immediately obvious. Which sf2 are you talking about, and what version of MuseScore are you talking about (and which prior version do you mean when you talk about "new" instruments)? Maybe you mean the MDL or HQ extensions? If you are using something other than the default soundfont (MuseScore General), it's true it won't reflect automatically in uploads to, but it will if you check the "Upload score audio" box when uploading via Save Online.

Side note: You installed your SoundFont incorrectly. It should go into the Documents subfolder, not the Program Files subfolder.

More information here.

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