Windows 10 PC is getting high CPU problem from svchost.exe

• Jan 12, 2020 - 22:54

There was nothing until yesterday when I turned on my Windows 10 PC and noticed it was run slower than normal. I launched up Task Manager and figured out that one svchost.exe process (in many others) is using a lot of my CPU, around 40% and seems stuck at that amount.

I've tried to restart the computer, but after turning on, the problem comes up again.

What do I suppose to do now? Would appreciate some help.


There are many things that run in the background. Especially when you start it up. I'm not surprised a restart didn't help. Windows updates, services looking for updates are but a few. I'm also surprised that 40% CPU usage would cause that much of a slowdown, depending on the CPU. What was the % of disk usage?

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