Please help me save .mscz file as a .pdf, then email it and save a copy as a Windows file

• Jan 13, 2020 - 09:32

It is unclear to me how to save a score anywhere outside Musescore's program.

"Save as" is not working to create a pdf version of the mscz file.

And Musescore does not appear to allow me to send the document via email. The "export" command does not do so. I cannot find a "send" or "email" command.



File > Export it is in MuseScore 2 and 3, File > Save As" is what it was in MuseScore 1.

No MuseScore version allows for sending a score via email, but your file browser (Finder for macOS, Explorer for Windows) should be able to.

You can post the score online, keep it private and send the secret link to the recipients.

Just like any other program, you can save MuseScore files anywhere on your comuter.
File/Export. Use the pull down menue (below the location window) to select the format and location of your choice.

As mentioned, you don't "save" as PDF, you "export". WHat you do with that PDF file after that is your business - MuseScore doesn't have emailing capabilities or uploading anywhere but to So you'd share the file - either PDF or the actual MSCZ file if the people you are sharing with also have MuseScore and you want them to be able to playback, edit, etc - the same way you'd share any other files on your computer. Presumably, by going to your email program and adding an attachment, or by going to Dropbox or Google Drive or whatever in your web browser and uploading from there.

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