Install on pendrive

• Jan 16, 2020 - 10:30

I would like to install musescore on a pen drive but the installation does not let me do so. Is there anyway round thus limitation. I recall that previous versions could be installed on a pen drive.


You could install ubuntu studio on a pen drive, boot from it and you have a self-contained OS + MuseScore + other audiovisual applications.

Another possibility is to download a nightly build, which is a ZIP file, then extract it to the pen drive. You should be able to run the "nightly.bat" file from there without further installation.

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True enough. The importance of that depends on one's reason for wanting this I guess. For me I do this sort of thing just as a convenience to access a particular version of MuseScore (like a nightly build!) on some computer where it isn't normally installed, and I don't really care if it creates a Score folder and stores preferences there or not.

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