nektar midi-keyboard doesn't function

• Jan 16, 2020 - 13:39

I am currently working in scorecloud but am not happy about it so i wanted to switch to musescore. the problem is that my midi-keyboard (nektar impact LX49+) does not function as it should. It detects the keyboard but doesn't not react to my note input what so ever. and yes, I have put it in note input mode. Maybe i am doing something wrong but the fact is that i can't use the program (effectively) as long as my keyboard doesn't work. Did anyone have the same experience and a solution for my problem. I'd love to hear it!


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Does anything happen if you first enter a note normally (eg, with mouse or computer keyboard) and then - without leaving note input mode - press a key on your MIDI device)? If that adds a note to the existing chord, this tells me your device isn't sending anything MuseScore recognizes as a note off message. Apparently some keyboards do that.

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I had this problem when I first tried to run MS3. Subsequently realised I had not fully closed Cubase Pro 10.5 in the background. Having done that, and restarting MS, my LX88+ started working with MS3. Pic attached showing I/O settings that do work, in case that helps.

MS3 LX88 plus.jpg

My point is that, presuming you don't have Cubase open in the background, is there anything else in your system that could be already tying up the LX Midi output when you open Musescore, and thus preventing its use therein ?

I had the same problem with my Nektar Panorama P6 and after I flicked the "Toggle MIDI Input" button (left-hand side of the playback controls) off and then back on, it started recognising my keyboard input.

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