nektar midi-keyboard doesn't function

• Jan 16, 2020 - 13:39

I am currently working in scorecloud but am not happy about it so i wanted to switch to musescore. the problem is that my midi-keyboard (nektar impact LX49+) does not function as it should. It detects the keyboard but doesn't not react to my note input what so ever. and yes, I have put it in note input mode. Maybe i am doing something wrong but the fact is that i can't use the program (effectively) as long as my keyboard doesn't work. Did anyone have the same experience and a solution for my problem. I'd love to hear it!


In reply to by Jordan de Haan

Does anything happen if you first enter a note normally (eg, with mouse or computer keyboard) and then - without leaving note input mode - press a key on your MIDI device)? If that adds a note to the existing chord, this tells me your device isn't sending anything MuseScore recognizes as a note off message. Apparently some keyboards do that.

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