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• Jan 16, 2020 - 17:44


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I need the grace note without the slash through it to come after the main note but to act like a grace note with a slash. This acciaccatura does not fall on the beat of the next note like a regular acciaccatura. This is seen in Mahler string writing:
mahler 9-IV.png
These grace after notes
play exactly the same, 1/2 the duration of the main note. That's not what I want.
It's not a graphics problem, but a performance problem. The grace after draws perfectly. It just doesn't play right.

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I took a look at that and found that the thing I want is called a nachschlag. I didn't know what it was called until I saw it in the plugin (thanks BSG for the plugin!) Also,
nachschlag definition.png
It would be nice to incorporate it into the palette, but the plugin will do, although I'm not sure it can be implemented that way, since I saw "nachschlag" in the Triller plugin (Nachschlag-Mordent).

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HOWEVER, you can certainly add the Nachschlag graphic that MuseScore provides, and manipulate the off-time and on-time of the main note and the "after-note" (respectively) to taste with the Articulation plugin -- no tool to adjust both a once, but it's not all that harder to adjust both manually. MuseScore gives you a split at 500 to start with (and both notes' parameters are with respect to a shared 0-1000 space for both)(I have tried this; this works).

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