Is there a way to bulk mark all instruments as visible/invisible (toggle Visible field)?

• Jan 18, 2020 - 06:42

in a 8-10 part piece I often want to look at just two or so parts in the main score tab, do comparisons between them or copy notes. I currently open the Instruments dialog, manually untick the box under "Visible" on all but the two instruments that I want, close, then proceed.

When I am done, I do the reverse, selecting ticking everything I unticked. (Sometimes when I am lucky not to have to change anything, I can press Undo, and the non-visible instruments are visible again, saving time on the revert, or undo then make the change in the all parts visible score).

What I would like is a way to bulk untick (untick all) on that dialog box. A tick/untick all tickbox at the top of a list of tick-able items is extremely common.

Is there any other way to achieve the same result, or provide the feature with less programming? (e.g. Ctrl+A to select all then Space ? ... Just brainstorming, that runs out of steam quickly since it toggles, and would not be discoverable).


Perhaps not a solution, but my workaround in such a scenario is to create a temporary part with the desired instruments.

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Thanks. Do you mean a temporary score? The ability to show/hide instruments on the same score means that whatever I edit with only two instruments visible, will still be there when I make the rest of the instruments visible again. Your suggestion will probably not work for me, unless I misunderstood.

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