Is it possible to re-tune the player? ( to set for the player an arbitrary frequency of the note la?)

• Jan 18, 2020 - 17:48

Is it possible for the player to set an arbitrary frequency of the note la?
This is necessary since, for all Russian accordions, notes are written in the key of C major. And the accordions themselves are tuned in arbitrary keys. To play the accordion tuned, for example, in G major together with the player, for musical notation written in C major, you need to re-tune the sound of the player.
Is it possible?


Yes you just need to use staff properties and select the note that you want to play instead of c.
Unfortunately MuseScore will at the same time transpose your score to keep the original sound pitch. So you must do a second step which is to transpose the other way around to get back the original written pitch.
I also play the accordion and understand your need to change in one step sound pitch without altering written pitch, but unfortunately as it isn't a common scenario in classical music (where if you write for clarinet in Bb you would chose that from scratch instead of modifying a score afterwards) this option to change sound pitch without touching written pitch has not get much priority until now. That would be useful for guitar players as well as that would implement a capo functionality.

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Dear friends, thank you for the idea!!!
I thought a little bit, and found the solution!

It works absolutely good!
I see the notes in C major key.
I hear the score in the player in the tonality of my accordion.
I can save these parameters!

I am happy! :-)

The solution It is attached.

Thank you again!!!


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Dear Herr Schmitz, Hallooo!!!

As usual, I have no idea how to do what you say! :-)
I'm quite far from IT world...

If you tell me the path in the menu - I'd be grateful to you.
If not - it's ok. I got what I want anyway :-)

Thank you!!!

If you have a score in C that you want to hear in the key of G, you will want to transpose the score to the key of G. This will be either a perfect 5th up or a perfect 4th down, depending on which octave you want to hear it in. Go to Tools->Transpose... and select the desired options for transposing the score. Once the score is transposed, right-click the staff and choose Staff/Part Properties.... Near the bottom of the dialog where it says "Transposition", choose the same interval and direction that you transposed the score. This is telling MuseScore that you want the notes to sound either a perfect 5th up or a perfect 4th down from what is notated. When you press Ok, the score will appear to transpose back to the key of C, but it will sound in the key of G.

If, on the other hand, you want to start a new piece for a G accordion, you can create a new score in the key of G. Before entering any notes, go to Staff/Part Properties... and select either a perfect 5th up or a perfect 4th down, as described above. When you press Ok, you will be able to enter notes in the key of C, but hear them as they would sound when played on the accordion.

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