How to repeat properly?

• Jan 19, 2020 - 00:43

Having trouble using To Coda and D.S. signs to repeat properly. Tutorials seem to describe very basic jump from the D.S point to $ (actually segno) sign and play from it until hit Coda sign (cris-crossed "0" simbol) at which point skip to the other instance of this symbol.

This does not seem to work unless I'm making an error. Issue is Segno is near beginning of the score, before D.S tag (not after). It jumps there only if I use D.S. tag but the problem is part I want to repeat has nested repeat (dotted double-bar) with first, second and third voltas. I want to jump to $, repeat twice (execute repeat using first volta) and go to coda - for that I have coda sign right before second volta is about to execute.
But MuseScore skips first and second voltas - upon returning from D.S. to Segno it plays from Segno OK but skips first and second voltas jumping straight to the third volta.

Why? It plays in correct sequence from the beginning of the score, but not if I replay by jumping to about beginning of the score using D.S and Segno tags.

Basically, MseScore appears to ignore nested repeats with voltas when re-plays back after using D.S. and Segno tags - it plays to the last existing volta right away.

What gives? Anyone experienced this?

Thanks for hints how to fix it (or mark properly).


Please post an example score with your intended 'roadmap' explained precisely.

For instance...
You mention 3 voltas (with dotted double bar 'end repeat') but do not explain where the voltas jump - to the very beginning? to a 'start repeat' (dotted double bar) somewhere after the beginning?
Where is the Segno in relation any 'start repeat'?

You wrote:
MseScore appears to ignore ...repeats ...when re-plays back after using D.S. and Segno tags - it plays to the last existing volta right away.
and look for 'Play repeats'.

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Thanks for reply jm6stringer! The only reply I got so far.

Attached is reduced version of the piece I'm trying to make play right. The measures are numbered, so the precise sequence it has to play in is as follows:
- Measures 1-4
- jump to 2, play 2,3 skipping 4 (1 Volta) continuing to 5 (2nd Volta), play 5 and 6,
- jump to 2 again, play 2, 3, skipping 4,5,6 (1st and 2nd Voltas) and continuing from 7 (3rd Volta)
- play 7, 8,9,10, jump to 9, repeat 9 and 10 (repeat bars),
- after repeating 9 and 10 because of D.S. tag, jump to Segno sign (measure 2)

                      ----- all this works so far, though I' thought it should be D.S al Coda there, 
                   not just DS, but D.S. la Coda is ignored and jump to Segno does not occur) ----
  • I want to continue from Segno (measure 2) to play 2,3,4 twice (repeat bars still apply), but don't know how to make it play 4 second time and disregard 1st Volta this time),
  • After playing 2,3,4 twice, because of To Coda tag, jump after 4 to coda sign at 11 and finish off.

Instead, after jumping to Segno it plays 2,3, skips 1st and 2nd Voltas (ignoring repeat bars around 2-4) and instead of jumps straight to 3rd Volta 7, and plays through to the end 7,8,9,10,11 ignoring not only To Coda and Coda tags, but repeat bars around 9,10.

I guess it does not see "To Coda" tag because it never gets chance to play 4, but I tried to place TO Coda to 2 which it does play after D.S., but "To Coda" (and repeats) are still ignored - you will see it just plays 2,3,7,8,9,10,11 once, and that's it.

Can you please tell me what's wrong?
Or just fix attached score so it plays as desired; I will study how you did it to understand it.

BTW, I use ver. 2.3.2, but don't think that matters - repeat bars and tags do work, just in unexpected (to me) ways.

Thank you in advance!


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Thanks for answer,

Sorry, what component of the score do I select in inspector to tick "play repeats"?
There is no such named box to tick I could find (ver. 2.1.3)

In ver. 2.1.0 It jumps on coda now alright, but two other things are messed up, and this is likely a bug:
it now repeats 2nd Volta twice (suppose to play 1st, 2nd and 3rd - each only once).
And now after jumping to Coda it plays measure 5 and 11 simultaneously!

In ver. 2.1.3 it still ignores D.S. al Coda, same happens in newest rev., but repeats there work right.

Same score playing differently in different revs of MuseScore is definitely a bug in one, both 2.x or in all of them.

I don't believe it is possible to make MuseScore play this piece in the sequence I described.

I wish someone can prove me wrong.

Thanks for trying to help!


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Hi Jm6stringer,

It plays proper sequence, but I don't get why last repeat of measures 2,3,4 after jumping to Segno is not played twice by means of repeat bars - you made it play twice by just re-typing measures 2,3,4 again before the end.

The whole point of repeat bars is to avoid retyping, right?

Can you tell me why repeat bars around 2,3,4 are in effect from the beginning, but not after jumping to Segno?
Then it only plays 2,3,4 once "ignoring" repeat bars.


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This is normal correct in music notation - repeats are not traditionally honored during a DS. If you want human musicians to do so, you should explicitly add the text "play repeats" to the DS. And if you want MuseScore to do it, you should check the "Play repeats" box in the Inspector for the DS.

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