Tempo note head

• Jan 19, 2020 - 01:38

I tried to add a tempo to a score today........... for the first time.
I followed the instructions and something like a note head appeared
on the left and the number 80 to the right.
But sometimes the "note head" was filled like a quarter note and at times
it was open like a half note.
Can a kind soul explain that for me?


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There are 4 ways to add a tempo marking, as explained here:
I guess you are using one of the first 2.

In that case, read the 'Note:' which states:
"If a tempo marking is applied from the menu or using a keyboard shortcut, the beat note automatically follows the time signature. The advantage of applying from a palette is that you can choose which beat note to use."

You are likely seeing this "automatic" beat note being applied.

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