Multiple measures in one beat

• Jan 19, 2020 - 14:21

Hello Everyone, I need help please.

How can I write two notes with different measures on the same beat?

Like the ones in the picture, quarters on the bottom and eighths on the top.

I can't find it in the manual.

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Welcome aboard... yours is probably the #1 forum question.

For polyphonic/contrapuntal instruments like guitar, piano, organ, harp, et al voices must work. Any app claiming to be music notation software would not be able to notate a great wealth of music without using "voices" or "layers".
The image you posted confirms this.

Even if one considers instruments that play only one note at a time, like flute, or trumpet...
...voices are needed in the case of, say, two flutists reading from the same staff, but playing different notes/rhythms.
Another example is a closed SATB score (e.g., a choir with soprano, alto, tenor, bass) which places soprano and alto on one staff and tenor and bass on another.

Lots of MuseScore lingo can be found here:

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