How to create a rallentando

• Jan 19, 2020 - 20:01

New to Musescore 3, and using a Panasonic Toughbook, I want to create a rallentando at the end of the piece that I am composing. The manual isn't very helpful (for me, as a beginner.) So how do i do this?


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You don't have to use the Tempo Changes plugin - it just automates a task which is a bit tiresome.
Instead you can manually add a Tempo element (from the Tempo palette) to each of the notes in the rall.
Then change each Tempo element to a gradually slower speed (using the Inspector - F8).
Finally, make all the Tempo elements invisible - perhaps except the first one, where you can change the text to "rall."

Just noticed that there is no way to add the word Rallentando (and seemingly quite a few other tempo directions other than fixed tempos) other than by using system text? And I don't mean adding the actually tempo changes for playback, just the direction.

Is this correct? Same with Diminuendo etc. Standard musical terms I'd have thought. Hopefully I've just missed finding them, or they'll appear in Version 4!

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There are probably at least 1000 different terms that could be considered "standard"; we can't very well put every single one on the palette. That;'s why instead we make it much easier than scrolling through a gigantic list of standard terms - just type whatever you want as staff, system, expression, or tempo text. And if you happen to use some particular terms a lot, you can easily add them to your own palette via Ctrl+Shift+drag.

Sorry I have downloaded the Tempo Changes Plugin as suggested on Mac OS for Muse 3. It comes as a folder containing qml files, a file, license etc. What am I supposed to do with it? I read "installation" which said I need to unzip the file (no need as not a zip file) but I can't open or run amp or md files so what then?

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