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• Jan 25, 2020 - 19:44

On multi-page pieces, I always place the title at the top of each page. I have no problem doing that. My difficulty is this---- When the top voice [say piccolo] is well above the staff, it will occasionally run into the title, making the notes hard to read, not to mention very messy looking. I would like to simply move the title up a little, as in other such functions, but I can't find a way of moving the title. Or, maybe move the staff down somehow?
Any suggestions?
Thanks as always.


Try increasing Format > Style... > Page > Music top margin
That will force the first system to start a bit lower down the page (on all pages).

Still, that just buys more room until the collision, and you have to pay the price for that extra space on every page. A safer way is to simply change the Y offset of your header in Format / Style / Text Styles / Header, to move it into the page margin.

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As with other vertical offsets in MuseScore, bigger numbers move things down, smaller numbers (in this case, you'll need negative) move things up. You can watch the results in real time if you position the dialog out of the way of the header itself, so no guesswork is required.

The point being, whatever is defined as your page margin in Format / Page Settings, MuseScore absolutely will not put music in that area. It will start the first staff below that page margin by an amount at least as great as the music margin you specify, and will actually move things lower as required if you've got even more stuff above the first staff than that. So nothing above that page margin line (turn on View / Show Page Margins to see it) will ever collide with your music - MuseScore will move the first staff down to make sure nothing above it extends into the margin. If you place your header below that line, there is always the danger that some stuff above the first staff will collide with it.

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I figured it out: I did not notice that I had to also click "Header" {Format / Style / Text Styles / Header} from the drop down, then do as you suggest. That worked well. The only thing amiss is that the title was raised above the box a little. Simple to move it down, but curious why that happened.
Thanks as always!

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