Musescore v3 nightmare lost settings, mixer, synth not saving to score

• Jan 26, 2020 - 21:32

I have gone through periods of using Musescore for scoring and notating my scores. Very important. And have used Musescore for a long time via versions. Never had a problem until v3. I use windows but mainly today (as Microsoft has ceased Windows OS project from further development) linux, which suits my purposes as a professional with reliable and cutting edge audio tools. So I am referring a new installation on linux. I don't know if there is a difference in builds, but I don't it obviously, and otherwise prior versions of Musescore worked fine, saved fine and loaded old scores fine. Muscescore 3 is a mess and broken.

Like a word processor or office suite I would expect software, such as this to be stable, compatible without major bugs and errors in order to preserve important documents. I don't think it should be that hard: score, synth settings saved to score and mixer settings. But I have now found this to not be the case with Musecore.

I noticed the fatal bug of zero settings being preserved correctly recently after creating a simple 4 instrument score. In synth > I added the general soundfont + only 3 others (perfectly tested and fine). I saved to score multiple times. But after closing Musescore and revisiting, its all wrong, a jumbled mess out of order, including previous fonts including, loading from score does not restore either, etc. And even after manually getting the synth fonts (by clearing all but general! and then reloading and saving to score) to work, the mixer settings are wrong --- and I am well aware that synth font must retain original order, but still are flaky and do not retain. And after closing application all is lost. This again was definitely not the case with v2! I even installed an old version and checked this, and old scores load fine!

Worse, while on this new score labeled instrument settings and score correctly, I have also found the mixer all mixed up, no settings are daved properly, or even playing properly.

I imagine there are people who do not fully use Musescore with all its settings or who perhaps have older systems where they have not installed copies of the latest. But I have and 3 different systems in last year, I have checked each and same problems with settings not being retained.

The current version that I just tested this on was Musescore v3.3.4 Revision 7684abe

Now I have used Musescore for years without issue v2, for example. And now worse I have also found that opening previous scores, this same problem exists - all lost like aforementioned. I took notes and checked and everything is out of whack. And yes all library, fonts, etc are in fact maintained, existent, loadable, working, but not retainable after closing the session and Musescore application.

What gives?

PS. I just attached a screenshot of the sidebar of recent post while composing this complaint and one can see related and basically same issues from others. Apparently this has been a longtime problem. And what's up with Telemetry? If Musescore is "totally free" - I don't find it very honorable and ethical to be collecting data from users or any excuse for it. Hope all this gets sorted out.

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You'd need to be more specific about what you do, what you expect to happen and what happens instead. Also whether you use an AppImage or what else, and how you installed it.

Also I don't understand what you eat by Microsoft has ceased Windows OS project from further development, Windows 10 ist still being developed and 8(.1) is still supported (and 7 still working)

Normally, settings are saved on successful program exit. The only time they wouldn't be is a crash, or permissions problem in your home folder, which does indeed sometimes happen on Linux if people try using the program as a different user than it was installed for or similar not-quite-right configurations. Thats program setting, anyhow, but scores have their own settings, and of course you need to save a score to have those settings retained. I'm not aware of any reports of this not working as expected. So if you are experiencing such a case, then as mentioned, we would need you to attach the specific score and precise steps to reproduce the problem in order for us to be able to begin to investigate.

As it is, though, I'm not really understanding the problem. At first, you said it has to do with the mixer, but nothing in the screenshot you posted seems connected at all

As for telemetry, feel free to read the thread on this forum to understand the sort of user interface improvements we hope to make with the guidance of usage data. Note usage, not user. MuseScore doesn't care about your name, birthdate, passwords, account or social security numbers. We care about such things as, is the Save button being clicked more often than Ctrl+S is being pressed or File / Save being used. You're free to opt out if you'd rather we not consider your own usage as we analyze the data to help us improve the software. But feel free to follow up in the existing telemetry thread after reading the rationale and previous discussion.

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@JOJO - seriously I am annoyed by your response, it's basically an insult as I clearly wrote the scenario here. Read below and learn something instead of trying to hide the problem.

"You'd need to be more specific about what you do,"

whaqt are daft? i think i explained that pretty clearly. saving scoreds with synth + mixer settings "saved to score" and not properly restored on future relaunch/sessions -- are you familiar with the program??? I was pretty darn specific.

"Also whether you use an AppImage or what else, and how you installed it."

Again if you actually read my message or can understand plain english. I clearly said linux install (not a portable) and gave the exact version # as well as mentioned other.

"Microsoft has ceased Windows OS project from further development, Windows 10 ist still being developed"

Um no. it's not after this year. Windows 10/8 are still in LTS cycle meaning they have updates. Windows 10 is a rolling OS that naturally will have "extended updates" [aka basic/security not development] while it is still in it's LTS lifecycle for support. This ends in 5 years then no more Windows. If you were an up-to-date developer and follow Microsoft/Red Hat then you might understand what this means.

So I am not the dummy here. And when I say it's no longer developed, it is not after 2020.

Not going to discuss further nor find you links or exact statement. But last year Microsoft Chief Operating Officer gave a statement about this. Windows 10 is the last Windows version and like Windows 7 who support LTS cycle just ended this monht, Windows 10 will also cease general support later likely this year and then per usual after its 10 years LTS. Then no more Windows:

  • The mainstream support for Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) ended on January 13, 2015, and the extended support ends on January 14, 2020.
  • The mainstream support for Windows 8.1 ends on January 9, 2018, and its extended support will end on January 10, 2023.
  • The mainstream support for Windows 10 ends on October 13, 2020, and its extended support will end on October 14, 2025.

So besides the point, Windows is crap, "app-like" OS and not serious productivity OS, and certainly not the coming future.

So only a dummy would think Windows will be relevant as a future OS. 2021+ no more windows as a developed OS. 2020 "mainstream support" means no more development. "extended" means simple LTS updates for security and the like.

You are welcome for this advice. Now in return it would be great at least for people to import/recover their scores into old and hopefully new Musescore v4 fixed versions.

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"Normally, settings are saved on successful program exit. The only time they wouldn't be is a crash, or permissions problem in your home folder,"

Again another cloaking response to hide or not admit the problem.

Marc I assure you that I understand and have used linux distros longer than you and in professional capacity. Try 1995 with first Red Hat.

Crashing, which has happened does not apply to the bug and problem. Now is it a permissions issue. I could bulletpoint a laundry list of scenarios or variety of statement explaining that settings are not retained properly, or scrambled, etc. Nothing to do with a crash scenario or permissions. In fact settings are written, it's just when a score with saved settings is re-opened, it is always wrong/lost/non-retained synth synth or mixer settings AS THEY WERE SAVED! OK?

"As it is, though, I'm not really understanding the problem. At first, you said it has to do with the mixer, but nothing in the screenshot you posted seems connected at all"

What kind of nonsense is this response. Ummm. You can set synth > [choose soundfont libraries, order] "Save to Score". You can set the instruments in mixer right??? So what is not to understand? Saving these and saving score and exiting program and then relaunching in future sessions does not function properly. In some instances it has, in most others jumbled or missing settings.

So not a permissions issue at all. And the screenshot shows that other people are have SIMILAR problems with settings and saving. DUH

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It appears you guys are clueless, and it is veyr aggravating when I bothered to write a post clearly and both responders distort or blindly defend and won't admit the problem but place the blame on users. I have decades or software development, debugging and linux experience. I am not an idiot. The problem is about simply saved settings not being saved or recalled properly from a standard package install with proper user and program access and permissions. Problem with program period. And further when I say I can use v2 right now with zero issues, than that might tell you something else.

At this point I would hope for only one real solution. grab an old AppImage portable version of v2 or otherwise install from that again. #2 import and newer v3 scores..

but wait, you cannot! it appears trying to even import a local pdf is not possible?? it simply launches a web browser! this is very very bad.

I don't want to start an account, host my scores on your site. But i would like to import my newer v3 created scores, even the simple notation (minus any settings) instead of having to retype.

very bad. so if you want to help correct this error, please advise or release and update in next v3 version to be able to save backwards to a simple v2 import comptible document.

Bad design. But lastly, at this point I just want to use the only Musescore proper working non-bugged to dysfunction versions, which are v2. But I have some scores made in v3. Looking to just be able to import into v2 somehow, re-save in that format. I know it works. I have a Musescore2 and Musescore3 folder in documents. Both have proper permissions. Musescore2 works without these issues. Musescore3 does not now or in previous attempts with all sorts of odd porblems relating to re-launching after saving just fine but with "bad" settings.

Clear enough.

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ALSO, this is a bug report.

Either developers when they see this can make a choice to investigate and fix or just refuse to accept that there might be some major issues with their code and distributed packages.

The only thing I want or response or help with now is ONE THING:

An instruction if possible to be able to export, save from v3 any v3 created score in any type of format in which I can reimport the base score notation into v2. That would be great. Then I will just stick with using v2 and perhaps wait until I see their is a v4 in future, even if it takes until 2025 the same time Windows will no longer have any OS in support, thus dead.

And PS. I obviously know about the Musescore "cloud" import. I do not wish and will not upload my scores onto any Musescore server. Don't want that. I need a local option. From the application I see it only directs one for online import to Musescore servers, not cool. I imagine local import/processing might have could have been built into v2 or v3 etc. Or at least some basic format of notation that would be backwards compatible concerning import of Musescore score from v2 to v3 and vice versa [a sin of bad design lacking such compatability! imo]

So to clarify if anyone knows of how to import pdfs for FREE and not via third-party servers or otherwise save and be able to edit/save a v3 made score, so that it can be opened in v2. Please do let me know or otherwise, don't bother to respond as I am irritated after last responses and not looking to get further immeshed in typing arguments, etc.


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PDF is not going to be a good option - it's has no musical information whatsoever more like rebuilding a car from a picture of it. Better to use MusicXML, which preserves most musical semantics. So, from MuseScore 3, File / Export, choose MusicXML as the file format, save. Then load the result into MuseScore 2 normally (File / Open).

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Dear OP,
Please breathe and let someone help you. You have presented a long list of complaints and no evidence to back them up. It is hard to wade through all the things you have posted that have nothing to do with whatever problem you are having. Perhaps you might consider starting over and be a little less rude. Just because an answer you get is not the one you want to hear,does not mean anyone is hiding anything.
Provide a score that you are having trouble with. This is standard troubleshooting. People can't help you without some details. This, again, is standard troubleshooting.
I don't believe that there is any software (certainly not for free) that will reliably enter a pdf into notation software. Sure, they exist, but the results are not always the best.
No one really cares if you like Windows or not. And surely you know that even before W10 was released MicroSoft wasn't sure what would come after. I can't imagine they will just fold up shop and go home. Can you? But again this has nothing to do with your problem.
Besides, your sidebar posting doesn't automatically reflect a major problem. Anytime a new version of anything comes out there can be bugs that need to be worked out. Even Apple has problems with their latest OS. Thoughtful reporting and recording are what is needed.

I get that it can be frustrating when things don't work as you expect. But you're right, we are "clueless" about the specifics of the problem you are having, because you yet to attach a score and give clear step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. Merely saying you are "saving synth and mixer settings" isn't enough to enable us to reproduce the problem. I've saved many such settings successfully with no problems, and I don't see any issues submitted about this, so it seems no one else has encountered what you are describing either. It must have something to do with either your system, your score, your settings, or your steps, because it works fine for others.

So, when you provide the information we need in order to reproduce the problem, we'll be happy to investigate.

BTW, if you want to play the "who's been doing this longer", keep in mind "Linux" is still a new-fangled thing to me. My Unix experience goes back to the days when Linus Torvalds was still in grade school :-);

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