Problem starting MuseScore 3

• Jan 29, 2020 - 12:10

I have used ver 2 for a long time, but now i have upgraded to newest ver, and i can't open it.
I have uninstalled both 2 and 3.
reinstalled 3
reinstalled from store
reinstalled from new download from www

When i try to open, it only open the blue loaderscreen, and nuthing more happens

I really hope that you can help me get back into this greate program



No need to uninstall MuseScore2, on the contrary, the recommendation is to keep it.

Hmm, hold on, Windows/Microsoft store, both, MuseScore 2 and 3? That indeed allows for just one version.

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I'm having an issue with a specific score causing Musescore 3(most recent update) to crash. Now, I did originally create the score in musescore 2(around the time it first came around), so that may be the issue, but idk. Well, one day my pc's hard drive decided it didn't want a work, so I got a new one, and installed the newest MS 2 update. I went to the website, where I had it stored, and downloaded it. Almost immediate crash. Then MS 3 came around, I tried again, and it crashed again. Idk if it is somehow being corrupted when it's being downloaded, but I'm really needing this song back.

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