Plugin system not documented

• Feb 1, 2020 - 18:58

Hello everybody,

the documentation of the plugin system is incomplete. As a newbie I'm wondering e.g. how can I select an element, is there a nicer way to develop in a real text editor like vscode?

I appreciate every help.


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There is currently no way to add an arbitrary element to a selection from a plugin, although this might be added in the future. As for the variables you mention, they are not really global variables but properties of an object of type MuseScore (which should be the root component of a plugin) so they are available in the corresponding type documentation.

As for the documentation itself, should perhaps some more detailed examples be added to the main page or some relevant documentation pages? Or what could be helpful for the documentation to be more useful for people starting MuseScore plugins development?

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It seems like you know what you are doing so some further questions:
1. Is it possible to run another plugin from a plugin?
2. Is it possible to access musical symbols like a fermata from a plugin and insert it?
3. Is it possible to execute actions which are defined in shortcuts from a plugin?

I strongly recommend working in a real editor.
Work in vs code. Save. Open Musescore's plugin creator. Click the reload button (specially for this purpose). Hit run.

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