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• Feb 3, 2020 - 03:47

I know this is not directly Musescore related, but sorta, because it'll help me read pdf scores while playing. Does anyone have a suggestion for buying a large Android tablet (big enough for a letter size view in portrait mdoe), that won't break the bank? I have a 12" tablet and it's portrait mode is too small. In landscape, the few score reader apps I've tried are tough to use. Either the page turn winds up on half a staff, or the scroll is wonky, generally ,making it difficult to use smoothly. I'd like to see a whole page. While I'm asking, any suggestions for an effective reader? Thanks in advance folks.


I'm using a 10" tablet for that, and turn it to landscape as needed, portait works for me if the score is set at the default space setting if 1.764mm per space. I'd like a larger one, but those would be to heavy to hold in front of me all the time, and we're not having the luxury of music stands...

Glad you brought it up.

I assume that your 12" tablet, and Jojo's 10" tablet, are measured diagonally.
Since I do have the luxury of a music stand, I calculate that a 14" diagonal would be needed to display a 8.5" x 11" page in portrait mode at 100% scaling.
2 pages (in a side-by-side portrait mode) would require a 17" x 11" screen positioned on the music stand in landscape mode - so roughly a 20" diagonal. A 'folding' screen, though, would be nice for portability.

My question to you folks is if your tablets are monochromatic, camera free, bloatware free, microphone free, speaker free, OS minimalistic - so as 'not to break the bank'; or if you know of any that are.
In other words... a simple pdf reader with a footswitch activated 'page turner' would be the only 'bells and whistles' required.

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Yes, diagonally, 10" is about A5, but if the resolution is hight enough and the space setting too, A4 pages (double size of A5, abeout the same as Letter) do read just fine for me.
Then again, on a music stand it'd be not as near as if hold in hand, so a larger screen would indeed be needed, even more so if you want to fit 2 pages

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Thanks for your replies folks. I appreciate it. Indeed, I need bigger than 12 diagonal, because in landscape I get a half page or less, depending on the copy. and the half page turns often wind up with half a staff, needing more fiddling to get visibility; might as well turn paper pages. Anyone know of any suppliers of larger tablets that aren't 800 bucks?

Thanks again folks. I may look into a laptop adaptation as suggested. I looked at the Samsung View tablet, but the older one doesn't have portrait view and is oddly shaped. The newer view 2 looks better and rotates, but the price.... My problem is I have astigmatism that can't quite be fully corrected, so I need the bigger size.

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