Grace note playback with swing (and in general) is inaccurate

• Feb 4, 2020 - 04:04

When a swing command is applied to a score, any acciaccatura grace notes attached to notes on the offbeat of the swung subdivison are lengthened, and cut into the time of the note they are attached to. This becomes much more obvious when the swing ratio is changed from the default of 60% to 66%, aka true triplet swing.
However, I have noticed that this method of acciaccatura playback (cutting into the duration of the attached note) is actually how MuseScore always plays them, it just becomes much more noticeable with swing applied. As far as I know, an acciaccatura is supposed to fall before the beat, not during it.

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There are multiple different "correct" interpretation of grace notes, but playing acciaccaturas on the beat is quite standard, especially on piano.

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