How to replace a missing workspace palette?

• Feb 5, 2020 - 02:19

Hello, friends.

I know how to drag from the master palette to any workspace palette, but my question is how to replace a missing palette altogether?

I recently removed the tremolo palette accidentally, and I would like to replace it without re-setting my entire palette layout. Any tips?


And, by the way, I would also like to know how to re-arrange the existing palettes, such as in alphabetical order, for example. (If you would be so kind)

Click the "Add palettes" button. Anything you deleted will be there ready to be added back.

EDIT: Well, in current versions. Older versions were nowhere near as easy to use or powerful. highly recommend you update your OS, (vitally important for security reasons if nothing else), then update MuseScore.

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Thank you, Jojo.

I assume that you do not mean to say "disabling Media Center."

If so, I do not know how to disable Start Center, but I would certainly like to know, because MuseScore is the only reason I would have to upgrade at the moment, since I am in the middle of career changes and moving from one country to another.

I've done a little searching online and nothing comes up, but I can understand if you do not have time to explain.

Thank you for the lead, in the meantime! You and Marc are always a great help.

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I didn't say nore mean Mediacenter, I do mean the MuseScore Startcenter, more specifially the web part of it, disabled with MuseScore -w option, needed to disable, as on XP and Vista that part would not work.
See about the available options and… for how to apply them

And the update is no real risk, as MuseScore 2 will be kept.

But I haven't tested this with XP/Vista myself, I've been told though that this should work

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