PDF bookmarks from styles

• Feb 6, 2020 - 17:23

I have a project with 24 short compositions; the title of each piece is formatted using MuseScore's Subtitle format. It would be helpful if I could generate bookmarks when I export a PDF so that users could navigate easily around the pieces. I've looked in the handbook and the Export tab of Preferences, and it seems one can't do this.

My thought is that there could be an option on the Export tab such as "Generate PDF bookmarks using the style ________." Given that MuseScore already utilizes styles, this might not be too difficult to implement (or maybe I'm wrong . . . ).

Thanks for considering this -- David


I'd love this too, esp. in connection with the hopefully soon coming re-implementation of the Album feature...
I've got a songbook of 400+ songs/pages, navigating inside (the PDF from) that without a proper index is pretty painful.

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There are lots of programs or sites that enable one to add bookmarks to PDFs. It would just be a timesaver (especially with large documents) if it could be done directly from MuseScore with existing styles, and users would not have to learn an additional piece of software. I had not heard of PDFSAM but will check it out; maybe it's better/more reliable/safer than some of the ones I have tried.

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