Musescore (2/7) keeps crashing on startup

• Feb 9, 2020 - 02:57

Installed the latest update to MuseScore (2/7/20) & every time I try to open it, it crashes. Please help


In my case it just doesn't start at all. Nothing seems to happen when I try to launch the program. Will try rolling back to v3.4.1.

Hard to say what might be happening, but one thing to try is using the "-F" command line option to revert to factory settings. See the Handbook for more info on running from the command line.

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Hi Mark, thanks for your replies. I reverted to version 3.4.1 and everything is fine. So I'll stick with 3.4.1 for now even though I'd very much like to get the issues around drum set note entry resolved (there have been a number of other threads on this with a fix due to happen in 3.4.2. Something to do with the single click implementation).
I'd very much like to avoid reverting to factory settings.
Paul vP

I figured out that it is only the start center that makes it crash, not when I open it. If I open a score it will open but as soon as I open the start center it crashes

Yes, 3.4.2 always crashes on the startup feedback screen for me - on Ubuntu 18.04 running the AppImage - I had to kill it from the task manager. I am stuck back with 3.3.3 ( also .AppImage ) as the last version that works on Ubuntu Studio for me without glitch. Looking forward to trying the next appimage when it comes out ! cheers, matt

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