Editing produces an invalid bar

• Feb 11, 2020 - 03:20

This is not the first time this has happened to me, and a couple of times I've had to rewrite the whole thing from scratch: I edit a note, and then suddenly I end up with a bar containing the wrong number of notes. In the attached file, you'll see I've added the 4/4 time sig on each line, hoping the program would right itself, but no. Bar 10 now has lost two notes and I can't reinsert them because there is only room for three in that bar.
I think this usually happens when I juggle (fight) with the size of rests, but I'm not sure.

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Yes, I didn't notice - it must have changed when I saved. Anyway, I think I have been given enough help with the pointer to Measure Duration. A great deal of my problem, the cause of my need to edit, was because I forgot to state I wanted an anacrusis at the beginning. In addition, I didn't know how to create an anacrusis except at the very beginning, so I think I'm now on the way to working it all out.
I'm only copying out this piece from a handwritten manuscript so I can transpose it accurately!

I had a similar problem a couple of times when I deleted a triplet. Deleting just left a blank space, but I could not insert a new note where the triplet had been, and there weren't enough notes to complete the measure. Unfortunately, I can't attach an example because I just inserted a blank measure, wrote the notes that I wanted in it, and deleted the defective measure.

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