How and where do I indicate a musical style?

• Feb 11, 2020 - 18:12

How and where do I indicate a musical style, for example, swing? I wrote the score in 4/4 time. Can I include a section in 3/4 time? Thanks.


See for the handbook page about that swing text Jojo mentioned.

As for including a section in 3/4 time; sure you can. You're free to apply as many time signature switches as you want within your score. Just open up the time signatures palette and apply the desired time signature to the measure on which it should start.
If your desired time signature isn't in the palette, you can likely create it yourself and possibly add it to that palette for future reuse.
See for all about that.

Swing is special and has its own palette element because it affects playback. More generally, though, if you just want text to say something about style like "March" or "Disco" or "Gently", you'd use staff text - Ctrl+T.

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