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• Feb 11, 2020 - 18:40

How can you add general character directions for your piece such as moderato ? - NOT numbers


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Thank you, I think it's good. I am two days into making this work so I have a few other questions if I may,
1. What can I set that will protect the work I have put in from other notes and rests changing things as though the program is trying to make corrections. I do know and use the "esc".
2. I know about adding measures but cannot delete them.
3. I am writing piano music for children and would like to give instructions on some of the pages. Will there be a place for me to write text on the page?
4. I haven't figured out how to spread the measures out to 4 measures on each staff. How can I space my page?

I understand if this is all too much to answer. Thank you very much.

Else P.

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1) not sure what you mean here, once you've place a note or rest, MsueScore actually tries very hard not to move them. O ly if you do something like, change a quarter note to a half note, MuseScore will need to do something about whatever was already there on that beat.,
2) to delete measures, Ctrl+Delete
3) you can add text using Ctrl+T or by adding frames. See the Handbook on that subject for much more info.
4) to break a line after a selected measure, hit Enter, just as you would in a word processor. Or, if you literally want 4 measures per systems as might be common in children's music, you can use Tools / Add/Remove System Breaks to add them automatically.

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Chromebooks generally don't have Delete keys, but Backspace. To get Delete, you need Search+Backspace. Or, do what I did - go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts, and define Backspace as an alternate shortcut for Delete, and Ctrl+Backspace as an alternate shortut for Remove selected range if for some reaosn it is not already (it should be, though).

Well, for Moderato, that's tempo, so either add a marking from the Tempo palette then edit it as you see fit, or us Add / Text / Tempo to add the text. Note that "Moderator" is already present on the palette though at least for 3.4, if you are in the Advanced workspace, or if you press the "More" button while in the Basic workspace.

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