Support for font families

• Feb 11, 2020 - 19:52

In MacOS the font dropdown list only shows the font family, but not the different fonts within the family

This works well as long as the family only contains 'bold', 'italic' and 'normal' fonts.
Many font families also contain 'condensed' and 'black' versions, which become non-selectable in Musescore.

Either show all members of a font family or make additional options such as 'condensed' or 'black' available in the UI


I have the same problem (on Windows)! I can see just the regular "Open Sans". It works with the Bold and Italics typeface (when I click the B or I), but the other font subfamilies like Consensed, Light or Extrabold are missing in MuseScore font list... :-(( (for example MS Word can see these subfamilies and offers them as separate fonts)

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OK I finally got the answer, probably... I used to install fonts in Windows 10 by drag&dropping them into Windows settings app. But when I used an installation from the Win explorer file context menu instead, it was OK. I right-clicked the font file - and selected "Install for all users" (not just "Install"). And font subfamilies such as extra bold or consensed appeared in MuseScore as separate fonts.
Maybe if you try something similar on the Mac, it will work. <3

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That's a different issue and user fonts are now visible (at least for me).
This issue is about font variations such as 'condensed' or 'light', which cannot be selected.
Not the most pressing issue, I grant you, still annoying, when you finish a score and that is the only thing left to fix.
I guess an overhaul of the font UI and font variation class would fix it. Maybe we can put this on the backlog?

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