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• Feb 12, 2020 - 01:14

How can I get my Play Panel to display on a menu when I open my score? (I'm on a PC Laptop). It has disappeared - though I can see it on the side when I click on Play panel. Thanks


What do you mean by getting the ...Play Panel to display on a menu when I open my score?

  1. Open your score
  2. Click on menu item: View -- and there it is! Yes?

The keyboard shortcut is F11, if you don't wish to click on Play Panel in the menu.

If you're talking about the icons on top of the screen, those are called Toolbars.

Verify whether View → Toolbars → Playback controls is enabled.

Thanks to the fabulous, talented, brilliant MuseScore Community, I am making great progress! Let me know if you'd like me to mention you in social media :)

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Hi, I'm in need of help, with Msc 3 I used Play Panel very often, it allowed loop playing and I could modify the tempo. I tried every thing on Msc 4, but was unable to find it, even after reading a lot of comments.
I'm using MacBookAir with it's latest upgrade.


In MSC 3, I used the "Play Panel" to alter volume and speed of playback. In MSC4, under VIEW, I have no "Play Panel" and can't see the; "master volume" control, or the "tempo" control sliders. Do these features appear in MSC4 and if so where?
If not, will they re-appear, especially as I find them both an invaluable aid to my violin practice?

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