Moving whole sections up/down one octave

• Feb 12, 2020 - 02:03

This one piece of music I've been messing with is causing me (and you) no end of trouble. Having copied it all in from the handwritten version, I now find whole chunks of it need moving up an octave. Someone has already explained to me how to do this with one note, but one note at a time will take forever. Is there a way of moving a range of selected bars up or down, please?
PS I think a mistake occurred during the transposition round about bar 27, but I'll look at that later.

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Thanks. I knew that worked on one note. It never occurred to me it would work on a range. Job now finished, thank goodness! Thank you to everyone who helped with a number of difficulties.

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I believe the first version I used was 3.something in mid-90's, and it definitely imporved greatly in the years since. But even by 2010, I am pretty sure selecting a region and transposing it an octave was a far more awkward affair than in MuseScore. Not sure if it's any better now.

Before Finale, I used Notator for the Atari ST, which I and others here have very fond memories of. They got many things "right" that others are still only just starting to catch up with. But I can't remember how selection or transposition worked, can't say if this particular action would have been any easier.

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