Repeat chord symbol

• Feb 12, 2020 - 03:53

Is there a way to enter a repeat chord symbol (the slash with dot on either side) other than to use the percent key?


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HI Marc, that does not seem to work for me. When adding the repeat symbol from the 'special characters dialog', the symbol turns into a 'question mark symbol - "?", meaning that musescore does not recognise it there. Any idea of what could be happening?
Meanwhile, what worked for me was to manually add a text dialog above the measure where I want to add the repeat symbol as chord, and within the box I used the repeat symbol from the 'special characters dialog'.

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Well, as I mentioned elsewhere, this was only made to work fairly recently - around 3.3, maybe? - so make sure you have the current version (Help / Check for Updates). If it still doesn't work we'd need you to attach the score give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem (eg, which chord symbol you are editing, how you are adding from Special Characters - click vs drag&drop).

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