Pizz. Playack

• Feb 12, 2020 - 15:17

I have been searching the Handbook for pizz. strings playback. Can't find it anywhere. I've done it before, I thought you just coudl now select the note and type pizz in staff text, but that doesn't work. Can't remember how I did it before.


The simpler way...
Select a note where you want the violin to play pizzicato.
In the 'Text' palette, click on 'pizz.'
(Depending on the MuseScore version, it could be a single click or a double click. Try one.)

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Hmm... good point.

I just tried a version 2 pizzicato file opened in version 3 and, yes, to return to arco I had to go the 'old fashioned' route via staff text properties.

In new scores wholly created in version 3, one can easily switch among palette text: pizz., arco, tremolo.
There the sound change is 'automatic'.

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