invisible page break in score (?)

• Feb 12, 2020 - 18:24

The appended score makes a curious problem: I am unable to get the system from measure 64ff on the page before, although there is enough room for it.
I tried to reduce the scaling, but nothing helps
Maybe there is some sort of invisible page break somewhere?

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Took me (more than) a minute to find it, but you have an "mf" dynamic attached to beat two of measure 69 that was dragged way down to where you can't see it off the bottom of the page. To find it, click the lyrics "Que" below the bass note ("C"), press Alt+Right, and the status bar will report a dynamic "mf" that you can tell is not the one you actually see, because it isn't highlighted (and Alt+Right a second time will select it). With the phantom dynamic selected, check out the offset in the Inspector. Press Delete to delete it, or Ctrl+R to reset it so you can see it really exists. Due to a bug that pretty amazingly almost never gets noticed, the system won't jump to the previous page immediately. But then go to the previous page, make any change whatsoever, and it fixes itself.

The bug I refer to is #291466: System being edited stays fixed on current page until editing an earlier system, BTW. But the real problem in this case is the bogus dynamic.

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