does anyone else not like how "soft" the generated sounds are in the new Musescore??

• Feb 12, 2020 - 18:53

okay, this has been bugging me for a LONG time since Musescore 3 came out... but i don't like it anymore. it's not the same as it once was around the time of Musescore/Musescore 2. first off, i enjoy using Musescore to write hip hop instrumental beats. i made a beat in 7/8 time that actually sounds decent... several years ago that is. it had that "hard sound" that i wanted. the whoosh sound was perfect, the choir, drum beat, piano, everything about it was perfect... (click here to see what i mean: ) here's the problem with it now: choir is soft sounding, piano sound kinda sounds like it's muffled a bit, the drums (especially the clapping sound) sounds off quite a bit, the whoosh sound now sounds more like a screeching sound more than anything as it does it's glissando to a certain point, and that is only ONE out of MANY of my compositions that i have problems with. i actually no longer have the want or the feeling to write and use Musescore for any of my future writings because it just doesn't sound good enough anymore for what i intend on using it for... instead of the "hype" i like to try and bring, i get a feeling that is moreso of a sad attempt of trying to hype up a football team, so to speak.

anyways, i just don't understand why this is... and yes, the song link IS in fact written using Musescore, and i do actually have the original copy on my flash drive to prove that it is as well... i wrote it maybe 2 or 3 years ago. am i the only one who feels this way? or has anyone else ran into problems like these?

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My guess is you were using a custom soundfont with MsueScore 2, and you didn't install that same soundfont in MuseScore 3. Check View / Synthesizer using both versions. Depending on exactly which version you are comparing to, the older one might say FluidR3 or MuseScore_General; the new one should definitely say MuseScore_General. But they are largely the same. I'm betting you were using something else previously.

If not, feel free to post audio samples generated with 2 vs 3 on your system (after verifying you really are using the same soundfont with both) and tell us at exactly which point in the audio we should be listening - like "cymabl at 2:51 sounds different" or whatever. A few things did change between FluidR3 and MuseScore_General, I think piano might have gotten less harsh, but if you prefer the older sound, feel free tyo just install that soundfont again (see Soundfonts section of Handbook).

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At first i didn't think much about the soundfonts, but tbh i forgot that soundfonts and plugins were in different panels lol.. if i did use a different soundfont, then i don't remember which one. I tried doing it several years ago but never figured out how.. it's much easier now to take care of the soundfonts tho, so I'll need to try and find something similar to what i had, if not better.

I completely forgot about the soundfonts tbh. I thought they were the same as plugins 😅 thank you for showing me how to do it!

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Well, you are correct. There is no wosh sound anymore. However, There are some things that can be done. There is a bright grand piano that you might like more. I changed E. bass to fretless base. I don't think you original is panned at all. May I suggest some panning to add interest to the sound. Especially the two most active parts. Might I suggest piano to the right and drums to the left. As well as other pan and slight reverb additions. Part of the challenge of being a composer is adapting to different situations. Are you as good as you think you may be. I'm sure you are. Think of composers from the early classical period. They not only had to deal with changing musical norms, but also changes in instruments.

I have actually encountered problems involving previous songs not sounding the same way and having its original feel after musescore updates, so you are not the only one.

Also, I must say that I have really enjoyed your piece that you wrote. It's a bit repetitive, but really beautiful.

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