Symbols disappear from palette after use

• Feb 13, 2020 - 10:39

After copying symbols from the palette onto the score, e.g repetitions or a bar line, the symbol disappears from the palette and can no longer be copied. lost symbol.PNG


Right click the 3 dots & you can restore the palet & also stop 'editing'. This happens because the trash can appears right above your item.

This is a very occasiOnal glitch I see once every few hundred drag operations. Seems to be a timing-related thing and impossible to reproduce on command, at least so far. Meanwhile, though, the element &is still there, just not being drawn, so it will reappear if you reset the palette as mentioned - or, if you don't want ti lose customization, you can change workspaces then back, restart the program, or anything else that forces the palette to be regenerated.

BTW, dragging is never needed or very efficient when dealing with the palette. It's normally better to select something in the score then simply click the palette item.

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