Find and replace pitches within a selection?

• Feb 13, 2020 - 20:24

So, I am writing a score for Piano solo that I am then going to orchestrate. I just realized I made a mistake in the bass clef when I listened to it. It is suppposed to be an F major arpeggio in triplets, but it is a C major arpeggio in triplets.

It would be nice if I could select all the C's and replace them with F's(of course in the same octave as the previous C's would be preferred, but if that can't be done, at least I know the octave shortcuts) and select all the G's and replace them with C's in the section where the F major chord is supposed to be. The only way I know to replace notes is to select the first incorrect pitch, go into note entry mode, and put them in note for note. Here is an image to show where the bass is incorrect:

Piano Solo to be Orchestrated.png

Is there a faster way to replace pitches than going note for note? Or am I just going to have to edit the bass circled in red note for note?


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