Creating a condensed conductor score

• Feb 14, 2020 - 13:13

Is it possible to condense all the parts from a piece, say 24 instruments, into a conductors score with just a treble and bass clef rather than a full score of all 24 instruments.


Professsional conductors I know use full scores. A condensed score cannot be generated automatically from many, many parts; if nothing else, many instruments play the same notes for extended passages, and creating such a score involves comparing parts for such abbreviation (not impossible, but MuseScore has nothing like that). Also, in my experience, such condensations (not uncommon for choral accompaniment) accurately reflect prominent solo lines and motifs, but often dispense with less prominent parts for clarity. It takes skill, not code, to create such condensations.

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I, too, prefer a full score. But a condensed score can be made using the "implode" function from the tools tab. Beware that this process will take several steps. You can't really just hit the implode button and get what you want. You have to do it in many sections and steps. I don't think it is really intended to work for a full score.

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