turn off courtesy time signature at end of measure / system

• Feb 14, 2020 - 15:15

When the time signature changes between system, is there a way to turn off the courtesy signature at the end of the system?

I did right click on it and click turn off, but it is still visible.

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BTW, it's not clear from the picture what the real world context is. If this is for some sort of exercise sheet or other special-purpose type of score where you don't want any courtesy signatures, then best to just them completely, in Format / Style / Page. If it's because this is the start of a new piece or movement, then that is what Section Breaks are for. If it's for some unusual special reason in this particular spot only within a piece, then selecting the main signature and disabling courtesy via Inspector or right-click is the way to go. but in general, for most time signatures in most scores, it would be an error to disable the courtesy - they are not normally considered optional. It would be pretty guaranteed people would miss the change without them

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