Start/continue/end text visibility.

• Feb 14, 2020 - 15:41

To add text to a line you have to tick one or more boxes "Begin text", "Continue text" or "End text" in the inspector. This opens up a box where the text can be added and it shows up in the score. However, if you untick the box then, although the text dialogue is collapsed so that the text can not be seen in the inspector, the text is still visible in the score. My initial expectation was that ticking or unticking the box would affect the visibility of the text in the score - the "main" visibility tick box affects the whole line plus any start, continue or end text. I realise now that the only way to remove the text from the score is to remove it from the text box That is sensible enough, but it means that one can't toggle the text on/off (to compare the visual effects); one has to delete and retype.

The only purpose of the tick box seems to be to control the visibility of the relevant section of the text dialogue. A triangle to control that would seem to be more consistent with the rest of the inspector control and less confusing for the user. Tick boxes control what is shown in the score, triangles control what is collapsed/expanded in the inspector.

It would also be nice if there were separate visibility tick boxes for the text items to allow toggling.

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