metronome markings misplaced when printing

• Feb 15, 2020 - 13:26

In the following file, the quarter-note symbols in the metronome markings are in the right spot on my screen, but are misplaced when I print out a copy. This only happens in the markings on the third line (which were created using System Text), and only when I print out directly from Musescore -- it exports to a pdf just fine.

My understanding is that Musesore is a WYSIWYG software, so I was surprised.

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They do look different in MuseScore already:

Looks the same in PDF, but indeed thet quarter note in the 3rd staff is too low when printed directly

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When copying and pasting text, formatting is lost, and that includes the special formatting that chooses the font and size for the quarter note symbol. So you get the default quarter note from the current font instead. You can edit the text and re-add the quarter note symbol from the Special Characters palette if you like (press F2 to display).

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In my opinion, in the standard Tempo text, the note symbol (minim, crochet, or whichever) is too small in proportion to the text font size (letters and numbers). In small scaling, it's hard to read. I figured out once how to increase the size of just the note, but it's a minor issue, and not worth the effort.
In any case, thank you both for your efforts.

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"... the glyph is too small indeed"
I do agree. It is very frustrating having to increase the font size every time I enter a tempo which includes a notehead. A real time-waster in a routine task...

The other frustration is that the default note glyph is so small that its stem often disappears completely when the score is printed. Isn't it time this sizing problem was fixed?

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Agreed. As I recall, there are two different note glyphs (at least), one intended for use in notation, the other intended for text, and the difference has to do with alignment primarily. So I remember some amount of fiddling with this over the years to be sure that we got the one with the alignment we wanted, but I think the price we paid was not liking the size. Or something like that. Anyhow, I would definitely like to see improvement hear, but it would be good to investigate this history and make sure we are considering compatibility etc.

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So I reentered the Staff Texts in question, using the quarter-note glyph drawn from the F2 menu (I had just been lazy last time), and it worked just fine. I remember in one instance, I enlarged the note glyph in a MM by highlighting just the glyph, and increasing its font size. But that would have to be done in each instance (I assume), and its a lot of work for a relatively minor issue.

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