Tied notes don't hold

• Feb 15, 2020 - 23:58

Hey! I've tied together a string of whole notes for about six measures, but they only sound for one measure. Did I do something wrong?


Hard to tell without looking at your score, but best guess is that you used a slur instead of a tie
Or an instrument that decays, like piano, rather than one that does not, like organ

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attack, sustain, decay os what describes a sound. If you pressa key on your piano and hold it pressed (or use the pedal), the sound won't hold as long as you seem to want it to last. Surely not 6 whole notes. An organ would, a flute might, depending on the flautitst breath, same for all woodwinds, brass, vocals, a piano can't, nor can a drum, or any plucked (or hammered) string

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Just because you put a tie on a piece of paer, that won't change the laws of physics in terms of how long a vibrating string sustains its sound. So if the particular piano you are playing, or the particular piano sampled in the soundfont you are using, decays to low levels after, say, five seconds, nothing you write on your score will change that, nor should it. If you want a piano sound with a longer sustain, you could try to find an alternate soundfont.

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No, ties don't care about soundfonts in any way. But what could be the case is that the samples in your soundfont don't loop, meaning any long notes won't continue to sound. That is, even if you wrote just a plain whole note at a slow enough tempo, the sound would presumably stop at the same point.

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