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• Feb 17, 2020 - 09:52

Hello. Thanks. How can I copy an entire section and paste it into a new empty score with the same instrumentation? The pasting seems to be what I cannot figure out!


The new score needs to have the same time and key sigs (including changes at the same measures) and also repeats (and other non-normal barlines) don't copy/paste.

Other than the fact that certain things like time or key signatures won't paste, the act of pasting itself is simply enough, just click where you want to paste, and press Ctrl+V or use Edit / Paste.

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Thanks. However the main thing I discovered is that if you want - retrospectively - to fit disparate movements into a coherent piece, you need to make sure that all the instrumentations are exactly the same. Second, you cannot paste into an empty fresh score. You essentially have to append to the first piece in the cycle. Things like inserting a blank page for a poetic text etc, have to be done outside MuseScore, juggling files with PDF manipulation softwares. MuseScore could improve at this slightly higher level of 'assembling a score'.

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While there is no doubt room for improvement, you can certainly create blank pages within MuseScore, just add a page break. You can also paste into an "empty fresh score" assuming it has the proper instruments set up. So normally you'd create a master score first and just make copies of it for the movements. Once upon a time MuseScore had a feature for assembling a piece from separate movements, but it was limited in these same ways, so there is some thought being given towards reintroducing an improved version of this.

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Interesting. I find Muse Score starts with a blank page with the title at the top. But I cannot see how I could make use of this page, so I just deleted it at the PDF level using PDF editing software and added the 'texts' (it is not strictly vocal, but closer to, say, Grovlez's 'Petite Litanies de Jesus' with poems preceding each piece in a set). I am not sure what kind of blank pages you mean, nor where I would find 'page break'. My 'fresh empty score' would not, in the event, allow me to paste into it a pre-existing score filled with notes: that was just my point (!) That's why I think that there have to be notes in place and an exact correspondence of many aspects of data for a paste to be done successfully between two different open MuseScore 3 scores.

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MuseScore might start by default with a generic empty score for one instrument, but you can certainly create any empty score you like using any set of instruments you like, including dozens of pre-installed templates - just go to File / New. But even if you start with the default score, no reason to resort to PDF editing software to eliminate that page. Page breaks, like system breaks, are added from the Brewaks & Spacers palette. Also, texts can be added directly within MuseScore as frames (see Frames & Measures palette).

As mentioned, you can absolutely paste into a "fresh empty score", so long as it's been set up (when you created it via File / New, or later via Edit / instruments) with the proper staves. If you continue to have problems with the basic paste operation, please attach your score and describe what you are doing step by step, then we can assist better.

I definitely encourage you to read the Handbook thoroughly before getting in too deep. Sounds like there are quite a few features of the program that you could be taking advantage of and saving yourself a ton of work in the process. but feel free to keep asking questions here. Best to attach sample scores when you do so we can better understand.

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