rogue soprano rests in bass line

• Feb 17, 2020 - 22:53

Every time I begin a new score, there is a very annoying soprano (blue) whole rest in the bass line. I spend a lot of time deleting these. Is there any way to reset so that I do not have them in a new score? Please help.

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Rests in Voice 1 always show by default.
Voice here refers to a distinct set of notes on a given stave and there are four Voices per stave.

Voice 1 is NOT the soprano - each stave can have 4 Voices. You should have Voices 1 & 2 on the Treble stave and Voices 1 & 2 on the Bass, not Voices 3 & 4.

Yes, it is confusing that they are called Voices.

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"Voices" is the usual musical term, though.

Anyhow, in the future, yes, definitely use voices 1 & 2 only for each staff. You only need voice 3 or 4 if there are more than 2 voices on that staff, which would be essentially never when writing SATB.

For existing scores, it's easy to fix by using Tools / Voices to exchange voice 1 & 3, then 2 & 4. You can then easily remove all remaining rests by hitting Ctrl+A to select all, then us View / Selection Filter to exclude voices 1 & 2 from the selection, then press Delete. Again, this would be needed only to fix scores that were already entered using voices 3 & 4 (and then reset the filter to include voice 1 & 2 again or you won't be able to select anything else)(. If you use voices 1 & 2 from the beginning, none of this is needed - everything works perfectly to begin with.

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