half note with semiquaver though stem

• Feb 19, 2020 - 13:37

A half note automatically gets a tremolo (semiquaver though stem), but only in the tablature. That's a bug, isn't it?

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Why should the strokes appear in the standard notation? That's something unique to tablature. They don't show in standard notation any more than the fret number does. In standard notation, a half note is indicated with a hollow notehead. If strokes were displayed, that would indicate tremolo, but you haven't added tremolo. Of course, if you want it to be tremolo, you can add that symbol directly from the palette.

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That symbol in the tablature doesn't mean tremolo, it's it simply means "half note". At least, in some styles of tablature it does. MsueScore supprots several. If you prefer to show rhythms a different way - or not at all - try one of the other tablature styles (simple, common, full. Looks like you have chosen "full", which defaults to using the strokes to indicate duration. If you prefer not to indicate duration using strokes, you can either switch to common or simple, or if you like other aspects of the "full" size but not this, you can right-click the staff, Staff/Part Properties, Advanced Style Properties, Note Values, and play with the settings there to show durations how you prefer.

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