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• Feb 20, 2020 - 09:59

In the attached piece, if I select 'Church Organ' for both parts (or just the Alto line), the C5 in bar 29 plays an octave lower as C4 (middle C). Same with the Bb and Ab in the next bar. If I change the voice to Grand Piano, it plays correctly. The Soprano lines plays correctly as Church Organ.

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I suspect what you are hearing is an aural illusion caused by the prominent harmonics in that sound. I tried with those notes and that sound and it seemed the correct octave to me. But there could be something else going on with your score. We'd need you to attach it, or an excerpt at least, in order to say. Also be sure to tell us which version of MuseScore you are using, and if you are using a soundfont other than the default MuseScore_General (see View / Synthesizer)

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You appear to be correct. When listening to the track through headphones, the C5 is much clearer. As I am making practice tracks for SATB voices, I won't use Church Organ as the prominent track!! I do need to choose something with sustain for longer held notes, hence piano won't work. What would you suggest?

This is more complex than any of this suggests. The "Old MuseScore Pipe Organ" features what organists call a "plenum" registration, which includes 16' stops, that is, those playing an octave lower than written pitch. It is up to each organist where and when he or she wishes to use such stops. With the "one size fits all" pipe organ, you don't have a choice of registrations; you need something more complex than MuseScore (e.g., a "virtual pipe organ system", or at least an "organ sound font" with "multiple registrations", a poorer solution). Then there is the entire situation of what to do with the organ pedal and its expected 16' pitch and inconsistent notation on MuseScore (with published organ music).

There are also inconsistencies in the "Pipe organ" composition from note to note, most notable near A4, because with that type of registration, real organ sounds can not be interpolated between sampled notes.

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