Converting tuplets back to square rhythm.

• Feb 20, 2020 - 23:35

So I found this score for a song I want, but it came with a lot of triplets and it has lyrics already entered. The correct rhythm for the triplets is actually sixteenth, eighth, sixteenth, NOT triplets. And yes, it MAKES A DIFFEERENCE! Is there any way to convert those rhythms to the way I want them without losing the lyrics?



But you can enter the correct rhythms perhaps in a (temporary) new instrument. As the number of notes remain the same between the triplet rhythm and your desired rhythm you can then copy-and-paste the lyrics from one to the other.
Then paste the new notation back in its place.

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Well it was a nice idea, and it seemed logical, and it seemed to work (kinda) but it completely corrupted the score. I created the correct rhythm at the end of the score with the right notes and then I pasted the desired lyrics to it. Then I copied that whole thing. Then I deleted the triple. This particular song is in 2/4 and the triples are all 3 trip 8ths in the place of 2. So you'd think deleting it would create a quarter rest. But no, it created a bar that appeared to have only 1 quarter value in it. So when it was a quarter, I clicked half note, then back to quarter and that appeared to create my quarter rest, where I could now paste the new thing I had just made. I got as far as bar 17. But when I tried to save the score and reopen it, THIS happened (see attachment.) Admittedly, I don't know the origin of this score, it was a xml file I found laying around. Maybe those extra rests are voice 2 or something, but it is not behaving very well. It's deleting the triples that is acting wonky, and I would have to do that even if I re-entered the correct notes and rhythms and lyrics manually! Oh, I should also add that I used (for the first time) that new Paste half time option because this score was in 4/4 originally and the correct meter is 2/4. So I had previously selected the whole thing copied and pasted half time, then changed the meter to 2/4 which appeared to work fine. Maybe I should have saved and reopened before attempting to wank around with the tuples (which were originally 3 quarter notes in place of 2.)

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